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As Turkey Istanbul-based real estate law firm and attorneys, we provide 3rd stage legal support as “Real Estate Attorney” legal service.

First of all, we offer “Legal Support for Buying Real Estate” services for our clients who want to buy real estate in Istanbul, Turkey.

Secondly, we provide support to our clients in matters such as tenant eviction, tenant rights, rent increases, arising from the lease agreement, with the “Landlord Tenant Attorney” service.

Thirdly, we provide litigation and dispute resolution for our clients’ disputes arising from real estate law in Turkey & Istanbul.

I. What Does a Real Estate Attorney in Turkey Do?

Real Estate Attorney provides advocacy and consultancy services during real estate purchase and sale transactions and in real estate-related disputes under Real Estate Law.

Real estate attorney or residential lawyer; assists clients in registration procedures, court decision, enforcement, inheritance, occupation, mortgage sales for properties registered in title deed such as land, flats, and fields. He/she protects the rights of its clients through the right of property, the right of mortgage, the right of easement. It is necessary to get support from a real estate lawyer who is an expert in the field in matters such as illegal expropriation, unfairness in the lease agreement.

Real estate attorney services are also filing a lawsuit in case of dispute, processing the litigation process and realizing the sale. If there is injustice in the transfer of the title deed, real estate attorneys, who provide bureaucratic support in the title deed cancellation and registration case, can follow the mortgage placement, removal and conversion into money. Residental lease lawyer provides services for the tenant’s eviction, execution, cancellation of the lease agreement, establishment and property acquisition by foreigners and leasing of their rental property Turkey.

II. Why Do You Need a Real Estate Lawyer Istanbul?

The real estate attorney ensures that the transfer is legal, binding and in the best interests of the client during the purchase and sale. In the case of a real estate dispute, such as a chain of titles or other contractual issues, the attorney resolves the issue. The property law attorney provides the right communication as a bridge between the realtor / real estate agent and the client during the purchase. Prepares purchase and sale contract.

The lawyer must be an expert in real estate contract law. He/she checks whether the house that his client will buy is in accordance with his interests. The lawyer inquires whether there is any problem with the title deed of the house and whether the property has debts. The residental lawyer always protects the interests of his client and makes sure that the person to whom the real estate will be bought or sold is reliable.

Residential property lawyers can provide legal representation for the buyer or seller when any dispute arises. If you want to make sure that your interests are protected and that you are not defrauded, you should work with a lawyer. You should also work with a personal property attorney if you want to ensure that you do not face any problems after buying or selling the house.

III. How to Buy Real Estate in Istanbul Turkey?

Real estate purchase and sale transactions in Istanbul Turkey are made at the land registry offices. Foreigners can buy real estate in Turkey.

First of all, you need to find the most suitable real estate for you from the owner or real estate agents. Afterwards, you should work with a lawyer to confirm whether the house has any debts, whether there is any annotation in the name of the house in the deed, and you will not encounter any problems after receiving it. If you do not know Turkish in the deed, you will have an interpreter with you.

An appointment is made from the land registry office. A formal contract is made between the seller and the buyer at the land registry and you buy the house. As soon as the deed is registered on you, you become the owner of the house.

Power of attorney for property registration in Istanbul Turkey; If you issue a special authorized power of attorney to your lawyer for property, your lawyer can buy the house you want for you and register it on you.

Power of attorney to sell property in Istanbul or Turkey; If you issue a special authorized your attorney for selling property in Turkey power of attorney, your lawyer can sell your house to anyone you want. It is possible for your lawyer to make purchase and sale transactions with a special power of attorney.

We offer a special legal service in purchasing real estate in Turkey. Within this service, we provide legal support specifically for the purchase of real estate.

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You bought an apartment in Turkey, but there are tenants in it. What should you do if you want the tenant to leave?

However, there is the possibility of an eviction lawsuit for the new owner to evict the tenant.

For this, you must notify the tenant through a notary public within 1 month of the title deed that you have purchased the house. In the notary notice, you must also include the bank account number to which the rental fees will be paid. You should also ask the tenant to evacuate that you need the apartment yourself and within 6 months at the latest.

Finding out who the tenant is, writing the notice in Turkish and following the legal rules can be quite difficult.

In this case, it is recommended that you seek help from BAL Law Firm or a law firm that offers Landlord Tenant Attorney Service.

You rented an apartment. But is the real estate agent or landlord asking you to increase the rent or to evict the flat? What should you do?

According to the Turkish Code of Obligations, if you have not given a written evacuation letter, if you pay the rent regularly on the dates specified in the rental agreement, if you do not disturb your neighbors; The landlord cannot ask you to vacate the house.

Rental contracts are issued for 1 year, but the landlord cannot demand an eviction because the time has expired, unless the tenant requests it. It may request an increase in the rental price at the rate written in the rental agreement.

In lease agreements that are more than 5 years old, there may be a lawsuit for the determination of the rental price.

We recommend that you consult BAL Law Firm if an eviction lawsuit, a lawsuit for the determination of the rental price, or an execution proceeding related to the rental has been initiated against you.

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