I. BAL Law Firm: Immigration Lawyer in Turkey

At BAL Law Firm, we provide legal services to foreign clients who wish to live, invest, establish a company or apply for Turkish citizenship in Turkey.

As Turkish attorneys fluent in English, we are happy to assist our foreign clients throughout their legal processes in Istanbul.

II. Legal Permits for Foreigners to Live in Turkey

Foreigners may need certain legal permits to be able to live in Turkey. For those who only want to visit Turkey for touristic purposes, applying for a visa may be sufficient. However, a visa will only grant a short-term stay in Turkey.

Foreigners who wish to live in Turkey for a long time will need to apply for a residence permit or a work permit.

At BAL Law Firm, we handle the legal permit applications, including residence and work permits, for our foreign clients under the scope of Foreigners and Citizenship Law. 

However, foreigners living in Turkey with legal permits may also face some legal risks due to not fulfilling certain obligations. These may include visa violations, deportation sanctions, administrative supervision sanctions, entry bans to Turkey, and administrative fines.

II. Residency in Turkey; Purchasing Real Estate or Renting a Residence.

Another issue that foreigners planning to live in Turkey for a long time need to consider is where they will reside while in Turkey.

Foreigners can meet their housing needs by staying in hotels for a short period of time. However, foreigners who want to live in Turkey for a long time should either buy real estate or rent a residence.

At BAL Law Firm, we provide legal services to our foreign clients on purchasing real estate or investing in Turkey. 

Additionally, we offer legal support in resolving disputes related to landlord-tenant law or rental contracts in meeting the housing needs of foreigners. As BAL Law Firm, we provide legal services to our foreign clients on purchasing real estate or investing in Turkey.

III. Business Life in Turkey

In order for foreigners to work in Turkey, they need to obtain a work permit either through an employment contract as an employee-employer relationship or as a shareholder or manager of a company.

Foreigners who obtain a work permit do not need to obtain a separate residence permit. Therefore, a work permit also provides an opportunity to live in Turkey.

BAL Law Firm provides legal services to foreign clients who want to open a company in Turkey and in their commercial activities. 

IV. Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

The easiest way to live in Turkey is to obtain Turkish citizenship. Turkish citizenship provides the opportunity to live in all cities of Turkey for as long as desired. In addition, obtaining Turkish citizenship also comes with all the rights granted to citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

Acquiring Turkish citizenship can be done through general conditions such as lineage, marriage, and uninterrupted residence. In addition, it is also possible to obtain citizenship through investment in Turkey through exceptional means. As BAL Law Firm, we provide legal services to our foreign clients for real estate purchase or investment purposes in Turkey. 

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IV. Immigration Law in Turkey Articles

BAL Law Firm’s English-speaking Immigration lawyers provide legal services to clients living, starting a business, or experiencing legal issues in Turkey.


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